About Me

Hello. My name is Chris. I am a human who spends his days trying to figure out how to stop climate change. I feel I’m getting pretty close. This site lets me broadcast my thoughts out loud. The good ideas reflect back and I develop them more, and the bad ideas dissipate into the ether.

I spent 4 years in Edinburgh, Scotland working on various jobs and projects, including as a sustainability advisor for Beyond Green, as Vice Chair (and currently regular old Trustee) of the 2050 Climate Group, and as co-founder and managing director of TravelHUB, a tech startup aiming to help businesses to fly less.

In 2017 I left Edinburgh to live on Cape Cod, USA for 4 months, where I became the Assistant Director of the Cape Cod Climate Change Collaborative.

In early 2018 I relocated to Portland, Oregon where I currently reside along with my partner Edin.