About Me

Hello. My name is Chris. I spend my days figuring out ways to mitigate climate change. I am excited about the power of social change through community organization, by empowering real people to go beyond reducing their carbon footprint through their personal, professional and political spheres of influence.

My goal is to provide a structure for millennials in which they can solve local sustainability issues through collaborating with people and organizations in their community, e.g. setting up a solar cooperative and a community garden; getting local businesses to ban plastic straws and changing unsustainable policies in the workplace; lobbying local government for more bike lanes and state and federal government for carbon taxes. When you provide humans with an opportunity to solve issues, make connections, and enjoy themselves while doing it, I have learned that people shift from being stagnant to excitedly active about taking action on climate change. 

I am a qualified and experienced sustainability advisor who helps businesses become more resource efficient. I am particularly interested in finding ways to assist smaller businesses who do not usually receive sustainability support. I'm also a LEED Accredited Professional (BD+C).

I received my Masters of Science from the University of Edinburgh where I majored in Environmental Sustainability. Since graduating, I have gained experience through being a sustainability advisor for Beyond Green, as Vice Chair (and currently regular old Trustee) of the 2050 Climate Group, and as co-founder and managing director of TravelHUB, a tech startup aiming to help businesses to fly less.

In 2017 I left Edinburgh to live on Cape Cod, USA, where I became the Assistant Director of the Cape Cod Climate Change Collaborative.

In early 2018 I relocated to Portland, Oregon where I currently reside along with my partner Edin.